Seminar (in group)

Know your fertility – Seminar – Seminar

This NFP course combines a simple, effective and easy to learn method, with the most advanced technology and the experience of more than 20 years teaching Spanish speaking couples around the world.

In the seminar format:

  • Couples meet in a common place (ie, parish hall, hospital meeting rooms, etc.)
  • Classes led by a facilitator
  • Videos recorded by an instructor couple, a doctor and a priest who discuss the topics of method, science and morality
  • The records of your observations and the interpretation of your signals are entered into the mobile application: CyclePro Go
  • One class per week for three weeks


  • Students receive the motivation, instruction and support required to practice NFP, during class and after the course is over.
  • A team of instructors is available to answer any question of the method


Access to the Seminar

Classes available with the purchase of a subscription gives you access to the full course for one year. The entire course is an online course and requires an Internet connection to receive instruction.

Students meet in one location and classes are presented by a facilitator. The material is presented in a series of videos where a couple instructor, a doctor and a priest, cover the topics of method, science and morality.

Two types of subscription

Individual (single location)
Multiple (multiple locations)

** Once you have access to the classes, you can offer as many courses in the year as you want.

The course includes:

• Access to the course for one year in one or several locations
• Training for facilitators and the facilitator’s guide
• Initial supply of promotional materials, posters, brochures, and access to resources such as announcements for parish bulletins, etc.
• Access to order packages of materials for students (Student guides and thermometers). These can be ordered when you buy your subscription or as needed in the future.